BP Gold

This is a Product of Wep India, and it is Made in India

BP-Gold is a new edition to the retail billing product line, specially meant for jewelry segment. The product is a standalone device and can calculate Making charges, hallmark charges, Wastage calculation, stone charges and connect to external printer to give bills up to A4 size paper

Made in India - High quality product and service by Dynamic Solution Odisha

₹ 18,999 (call now for discount)

  • BP-Gold is a new edition to the retail billing product line
  • Specially meant for jewellery segment
  • Transfers Data to and from USB Pen drive
  • Calculate Making charges,hallmark charges, stone charges
  • Wastage and Accurate weight calculation
  • Weighing scale and USB Barcode Scanner connectivity
  • External Keyboard and Printer Connectivity
  • Prints Estimation Bill


Print MethodThermal line printing
Print Speed10 bills in a minute
Paper width80 mm
Paper Roll SizeMax Dia 75 mm
Print width72 mm
Types of paperThermal Rolls, Heat sensitive face outside
Dot Density203 dpi x 2013 dpi (8 dots/mm)
Paper Thickness0.06-01.mm
Power supply8.8V,2.6 A


  1. Generates more than 300 bills on battery
  2. Battery backup of 5 to 6 hours
  3. Stores upto 2000 items
  4. Prints 700 bills / day
  5. 15 Cashier Logins
  6. Return Bill option
  7. Data upload and download from and to PC and Pendrive

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